Lindsay Lohan going back to court

September 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan, the rehabbing star, will be forced to go to trial over a 1995 car accident she was hoping to get dismissed.  The accident involved Lohan’s Mercedes and a delivery truck that caused the river to be knocked unconscious.

Ozeran said there was no evidence that Lohan was drunk at the time of the crash, noting that he thinks the evidence will show that there is “no question in this case that she wasn’t intoxicated.”
Ortega’s attorney, Robert G. Klein, said his client — a busboy — was knocked unconscious in the crash. He contends Lohan was trying to flee photographers at the time of the accident.
“This case is about responsibility and she’s not taking responsibility,” Klein told reporters outside court about the actress.

The bus buy in question is asking for $200,000 in damages from Lohan.   Come on man if you are going to sue a celebrity with a drinking and drugging problem you have to ask for seven figures or don’t waste her time.  You think she has time to go to court for a the amount of money she spends on a weekend bender with friends??  The lawyer claiming Lohan failed to take responsibility for her actions is just so unlike her.  If there is one thing Lindsay can be called it is responsible…responsible or drunk I forget which actually.

Lindsay Lohan car accident lawsuit

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