Whitney Huston in custody battle

August 30, 2007

Whitney Huston and Bobby Brown aren’t seeing eye to eye when it comes to the custody of their 14 year old daughter.  The battle is raging over whether or not Bobby really wants to be part of Bobbi’s life or if he is only after an easier life.

 In newly released court documents, Bobby claims that Whitney, who has sole custody of Bobbi, “has attempted to eliminate me from Bobbi Kris’ life.”

But Whitney says Bobby has no interest in being part of Bobbi’s life and is merely after the money.

Are we supposed to believe that Bobby Brown, the always responsible platinum selling recording artist and father, is only after money from his estranged wife?  I watched their reality show and it was apparent that Bobby earned every cent of Whitney’s money.  That man was willing to help Whitney take a dump by lending a helping hand or finger or whatever h said h did.  For that act of love a lone I saygive that man hi daughter and his money!

Whitney Huston custody battle
I just don’t see why these kids can’t make it work

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