Victoria “Posh” Beckham to go Ugly

August 30, 2007

Victoria Beckham’s stay in he US is going better than Daivds so far.  Posh has already had a primetime show on NBC and now she will have a guest role on one of the hottest shows on television.  The robotic looking one will get a role on ABCs “Ugly Betty” while her husband battles another injury that will keep him from earing that fat contract he signed.

She will be a celebrity bridesmaid at the wedding of Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) and publisher Bradford Meade (Alan Dale).

There haven’t been any details released about her characte, but my guess is she will turn out to be a cyborg or a fembot type creature that is sent in to steal a big design.  For a person that came to America for her husband’s career she sure is keeping herself busy.  This makes 2 of the 5 Spice Girls on ABC shows since Scary will be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” this fall.

Victoria Beckham to appear on Ugly Betty
Such a natural looking actress

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