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Star Reports – More Owen Wilson News

Star Reports – More Owen Wilson News

August 29, 2007

Star Reports More Owen Wilson suicide details


Owen Wilson was so emotionally shattered and so desperately longing for love that he just couldn’t take it anymore.  Shockingly, Star has learned that in a fit of despair, Owen took Valium and slashed both his wrists!

“It was truly frightening,” a friend of the actor tells Star.   “We almost lost him,”

A notorious ladies’ man nicknamed “The Butterscotch Scallion,” Owen was the envy of millions.  But he was never able to commit to a woman, says a source – even the person many believed to be the love of his life, actress Kate Hudson.

After they split around Memorial Day weekend, sources say, he dated a number of beauties – but the relationships were empty and unfulfilling, and Owen was overwhelmed by unhappiness and depression.

On August 26, Owen’s older brother Andrew, 43, found his brother in the bedroom of his Santa Monica home, incoherent and bloody.  Frantic, he phoned 911.  When the EMT’s arrived at 12:10 pm, “Andrew told them that Owen attempted suicide,” says an insider.

“When they entered his bedroom they found him lethargic, lying on his bed in his underwear.

“There were bloodstains on his sheets, and they discovered he was bleeding from a single cut on each wrist.

At that point, the actor muttered, ‘I want to die,’” says the insider.  He said he had cut his wrists and taken Valium.

“The EMT’s asked him more questions but he had trouble responding,” the insider adds.  “There was a prescription bottle of the pills on the nightstand next to his bed with only a couple left in it. 

“Owen was in pretty bad shape.  His blood pressure was dangerously low, and he was at risk of going into cardiac arrest.  The paramedics administered an IV saline solution that stabilized his blood pressure.  If it had not been stabilized, he could have died!”

About 10 minutes after the paramedics arrive, Owen’s younger brother, Luke showed up and rode with him in the ambulance to Saint John’s Health Center.

“Throughout all of this Owen was teary-eyed,” says the source.  “He told his family that he was sorry but he was very sad.”

After a few hours “he was transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.  He officially was admitted with a diagnosis of ‘dehydration,’ but the medical staff was told that it was a detox situation,” the source says.

This wasn’t the first time Owen suffered a “dehydration” health crisis.  He had also been rushed to Cedar-Sinai in early June by his brother Andrew.

“Owen was tired and thin.  He looked really lethargic,” a source says.

“He was dehydrated.  He hadn’t slept for days.  He wasn’t taking care of himself.  The doctors wanted to admit him, but Owen didn’t want to stay.  The doctors ordered him to take time off and enjoy life.”

But despite his dating relationships he simply could not find the love he craved.

Insiders note that Owen himself has said, “I thought I’d be married by the time I was 30 and be starting a family, but it just hasn’t worked out that way.  I don’t know if I’m shallow; but you want to make sure that you make the right choice, because you know that it’s forever.”

The fact that Owen’s last serious girlfriend, Kate, has apparently found happiness with a new love, Dax Shepard, certainly could not have been comforting.

Owen, says his friend, felt truly alone and, “he got really, really sad.  He was quiet and moping.  It was scary.”

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