Lindsay Lohan enjoying sex and drugs in rehab

August 29, 2007

What would rehab be without some wild times?  Lindsay Lohan doesn’t want to find out and reports of a failed drug test and sex with another patient are surfacing.

Lindsay got called into the director’s office on August 15 and was questioned about drugs,” a source says. “When ordered to take a drug test, she reluctantly complied but screamed and cursed at the medical director before storming out of the room. She was told that if she couldn’t conform to the program she’d have to leave…..

Staff were alerted to the bathroom because there were strange noises coming from inside and two voices could be heard,” a source says. “When they opened the door, Lindsay was in a compromising position with the guy – who’s also at Cirque for drug rehab.

Who said Utah was boring? Bet that guy isn’t complaining about being in rehab now. How many guys can go home and say they got to nail Lindsay Lohan in rehab?  Less than twenty I bet!  This is what happens when you give someone a 1 day jail sentence for a double DUI.  Amazing how they are able to get drugs into all these rehab places.  For that kind of money maybe they should get a drug sniffing dog  or maybe a security guard.

Lindsay Lohan caught having sex and fails drug test
See no drugs under my tongue!

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