Brady and Moynahan baby name scandal!

August 28, 2007

OK so it isn’t really a scandal, but as a Jets fan I will take whatever sign I can that might lead to the demise of the Patriots.  The all world QB of the Patriots wasn’t present for he brith of his son, wasn’t even aware he was born, and to add some injury his estranged lover has named the baby after a hated rival.

The baby Moynahan – not Brady – will be known as John Edward Thomas Moynahan.  Take those first three initials and it spells out JET!!!  Don’t rain on my parade!  Jets will host the Patriots on opening day in New Jersey!  I’ll be there in section 103 cheering on the Gang Green!!

Moynahan names baby boy JET!
Really Bridget you had to name the kid JET??

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