Owen Wilson recovering

August 27, 2007

Rumors are flying about a possible suicide attempt by Owen Wilson. The comedy actor was rushed to the hospital after he is rumored to have taken some pills and cut his wrist.

According to “Entertainment Tonight,” Wilson was at the hospital to undergo detoxification and was visited there by Andrew, younger brother Luke and his parents.

Wilson’s publicist would not respond to reports that Wilson’s wrists were slashed or that he had taken an overdose of pills.

Owen has been in some huge movies in recent years including such titles as “Meet the Parents” and “Wedding Crashers”, but his role in “Me, You, and Dupree” started a short lived romance with Kate Hudson. The romance ended in May and Kate has moved on to Dax from “Punked”. Owens publicist released a statement asking for privacy and understanding during the recovery. We all wish Owen the best on a safe and speedy recovery as he brings joy to many people with his work.

Owen Wilson suicide attempt
Get well soon Owen!

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