Amy Winehouse cancels US tour

August 21, 2007

The troubled 23 year old UK import that proclaimed in her hit song that she didn’t need rehab has cleared her calendar and will not be performing in North America.  The singer has been rumored to be in rehab for several weeks, but her people still are towing the company line saying she is just tired and needs some rest.

For those of you hoping to catch Amy Winehouse during her U.S. tour, you’re out of luck.

The upcoming shows have been canceled because the “Rehab” singer is, well, probably in rehab, according E! (

She checked herself into rehab last week, E! said, and may have checked herself out.

Granted I am in no way fan of Amy’s, but to see another young talented celebrity destroy a career and possibly a life is just sad.  This whole live fast and free life style of these kids amazes me.  Doesn’t anyone have any sort of family structure or common sense enough to say I think should leave that line of cocaine on the mirror and just get some sleep.  Not these ladies I tell you!  Let’s all hope Amy gets the “rest” she needs and can sing about how she doesn’t need a nap right after she tells us how rehab is a joke.

Amy Winehouse cancels US Tour
Rehab or beer? Rehab or beer? Rehab or beer?

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