Will Paris go for Big Brother UK?

August 20, 2007

How much does Paris Hilton want to get back into the spotlight?  So bad that she might be willing to star in the UK version of Big Brother.

Miss Hilton has been told to “name her price” according to a Big Brother source, which will certainly be higher than the £300,000 amount offered to the Bollywood superstar Shilpa Shetty who won the previous show.

Ex-con Paris 26 is desperate to raise her profile in the UK – and is prepared to be locked up for another 3 weeks in the Channel 4 house.

Now that Nicole is off having a baby and starting on the road to adult hood, Britney is all tied up in a nasty divorce, and Lindsay is in a Utah rehab facility Paris is just bored.  What better way to have some fun than to be shipped off to a locked house cut off from society in another country.  On the bright side she woul dbe on camera 24 hours a day and the UK version usually allows some naughty behavior so she can make a new video.  Raise your hand if you are ready or some more night vision!

Pairs Hilton on Big Brother UK
“I am so ready to be locked up gain!”

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