Liquid Generation looks at Britney Spears

August 17, 2007

Another funny clip from our friends over at Liquid Generation looking at Britney Spears.

It’s amazes me that the same person who thought marrying K-Fed (a man whose sperm should be investigated as an alternative energy source) was a sound decision hasn’t collapsed into a ball of fire and shame. God knows we could all learn a thing or two about believing in yourself from Mama Spears…namely that there’s a fine line between believing in yourself and being just stark-raving bonkers, don’t cross it.
But if you do cross it, make sure there’s a responsible journalist on hand to record it all for posterity, like we did with, Suck My News w/ Philip Norris presents, Britney Spears: Mother of the Year

 Liquid Generation news on Britney Spears

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