Paris Hilton gets a rash

August 7, 2007

The ex-con hotel heiress had some issues in prison that her mom revealed in a recent interview.  It seems that the LA County prison system doesn’t use 1000 count Egyptian cotton on there beds and Paris’ gentle skin couldn’t handle the poor man sheets.

Kathy says: “She had been in jail, obviously with the very thin sheets and one pillow and one little thin blanket. That’s how inmates get rashes. It feels like sandpaper.

“So I made her a bed up in what used to be the baby nursery for the grandchildren at Paris’ grandfather’s house. I had fresh, really soft towels, and really soft sheets and one of those really soft, cuddly blankets called ‘my blankey,’ and nice soft pillowcases.

You would think if Paris would be used to rashes or burns from sheets by now.  Her knees are probably rubbed raw after a good party weekend. Let’s all be thankful that Paris was able to survive her 20 days in jail in private cell with icky sheets.

Paris Hilton had rashes
I am too classy for cheap sheets!

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