“Bourne” wipes out the competition

August 5, 2007

Jason Bourne discovered more about his past over the weekend and $70 million dollars in ticket sales proved that a lot of people were really curious.  The third Bourne movie set a record for an August opening and was the biggest opening for the franchise.  Last weeks number one film, “Simspons”, lost 65% of it’s week 1 total, but was still able to easily hold on to the second spot.

1  The Bourne Ultimatum     $70,181,000
2  The Simpsons Movie      $25,600,000
3  Underdog     $12,009,000
4  I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry     $10,528,000
5  Hairspray (2007)     $9,325,000
6  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix     $9,285,000
7  No Reservations     $6,570,000
8  Transformers     $5,950,000
9  Hot Rod     $5,015,000
10 BRATZ     $4,310,000

Bourne Ultimatum

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