Tara Reid breasts are all crooked

July 19, 2007

The world knows what Tara Reid’s breasts used too look like because she did to a topless scene in the 1999 classic “Body Shots” with Jerry O’Connell and we know what happened after her surgery when her dress slipped off one of her new plastic additions on the red carpet. Earlier this week we were blessed with her old lady belly while she was enjoying the beach in a skimpy red bikini and now something awful has happened. It appears that Tara’s breasts are trying to escape, but got confused and they are going in different directions. Tara was going to a nice gathering in LA for the FC Soccer party in a snug fitting green dress when they were spotted. Tara has no control over her girls anymore and the dress was not helping. Your thoughts??

Tara Reid and her crooked breasts
Run Lefty! Run!!!!!

Tara Reid and her crooked breasts Tara Reid and her crooked breasts

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