Usher sues to stop fansite from picking on his fiance

July 18, 2007

Usher has apparently had enough of his top fan site ripping into his fiance on a daily basis.  Tameka Foster has been on the short end of message boards, fan sites, gossip sites, news papers, and radio shows because of the way she seems to be controlling Ushers’ every move.  Usher filed suit in New York to force the shut down of

Singer Usher has reportedly served a legal papers on the woman running his No.1 fansite,, to shut shop because the website does not care for his fiancee, Tameka Foster.

An insider has revealed that the singer has sent Erika Jackson papers through his lawyer.

“He’s had his lawyer send her papers,” the New York Daily News quoted the insider as saying.

I understand that Usher might be upset that his top fan site has been critical of some of his recent career moves and the fact that he had to come out and make a claim on his own website that Tameka isn’t in control, but that is no reason to sue.  This is a story that would have faded away when his new CD came out and the fans could appreciate his talent.  However this lawsuit makes Usher look bad and will make his recent bad press that much worse.  Good luck to the fan site!!

Usher sues
Stop making fun of me or I’ll tell my lawyer!!!

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