Trump’s “Apprentice” gets desperate

July 17, 2007

You know when a show is about to go down hill when they decide that the usual normal people won’t do and you have to bring in a list of B, C, and D list celebrities to spice things up. NBC and Donald Trump will be using celebrities in the newest season of “The Apprentice”.

In a scrum with reporters following the press conference, Silverman said NBC had a change of heart after watching the success of a celebrity version of The Apprentice in the U.K. hosted by industrialist Sir Alan Sugar. Celebrity editions of reality programs consistently outperform their original versions, the executive noted.

O’Donnell is welcome to join the cast if she wants, Silverman added. The as-yet-unnamed celebrities will be playing for charity.

So who is ready to see Gary Coleman, Andy Dick, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and other possible has beens show up to be ridiculed be the Donald every week? The business savvy of a bunch of people that mismanaged their careers and ended up close to or in the poor house should make for great entertainment. Telling these people “You’re Fired” won’t be anything new for them since they will all have been fired from McDonald’s or security guard jobs in the recent past.

The Apprentice goes to the celebrities

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