Chris Benoit toxicology results

July 17, 2007

Chris Benoit’s toxicology results were made public today and the fears of a possible drug connection became more evident, but still left many questions. Chris wasn’t the only member of his family with surprising results from the tests.

investigators have confirmed Benoit’s body contained elevated levels of testosterone, as well as the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and the painkiller hydrocodone. However, he tested negative for alcohol.

Benoit’s seven-year-old son Daniel was found to have Xanax in his system when he died, AP reported, and the wrestler’s wife, Nancy, also tested positive for prescription drugs.

There were many rumors that Benoit had suffered a “roid rage” or some form of paranoia due to steroid use because they were found in his home prior to the results of the toxicology tests. However there has been no link to steroids and the tragic events that unfolded that fateful day. The events surrounding the murder suicide will probably never fully be known, but the mixture of drugs in Benoit’s body should be a warning to many that think you can find the perfect body in a bottle without any consequences.

Xanax and hydrocodone found in Benoit’s and family
Did a lethal combination of Xanax and Hydrocodone play a part in the murder suicide?

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