Posh Spice reality show a big miss

July 16, 2007

Victoria Beckham is trying to become the new it girl in Hollywood and NBC was all aboard when it came to showing eager reality show fans.  The mini-series turned one hour special was previewed by critics and to say they felt personally violated would be an understatement.  Posh even let some lovely thoughts fly about Scary’s baby daddy!

The New York Post gave the show a damning zero-star review, slamming the pop-star turned fashion figure as “relentlessly self-promoting” with “vapid, condescending behaviour” in a show described as “an orgy of self-indulgence”.

“You’ll sit there slack-jawed at the gall of these people who think we are that stupid,” the Post‘s reviewer wrote in a scathing broadside, also laying into the couple’s “nightmarishly overdone rococo mansion” in Beverly Hills.

If you do decide to tune in to the show you will be treated to a very revealing moment where Victoria explains how she has come to refer to her least favorite Hollywood celeb – Eddie Murphy.

 When asked who her least favourite celebrity is, Victoria replied: “Eddie Murphy. The Beverly Hills C**k!” Victoria launched the vicious attack during her new reality show Victoria
Beckham: Coming To America

During the show, Victoria’s personal assistant asks her if she would spit in Eddie’s food, to which the star replies: “I’d spit in his food definitely. I would chop his d**k off too!”

Now that is now way for you to talk about one of your new American neighbors.  Of course this could just be her way of showing us her biting humor and famous Posh  flair for the dramatic.  I think it is just a one trick pony trying to make herself look famous for doing nothing other than being married to David Beckham.

 Victoria Beckham’s reality show a big flop with critics
She just looks like she would be a natural looking relaxed on television.

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