Eva Longoria and Tony Parker married

July 6, 2007

Eva and Tony decided to jump the gun and pull off a surprise civil ceremony today before their star studded gala wedding scheduled for tomorrow.  The couple drew quite the crowd as they arrived for ceremony today.

Hundreds of photographers and passersby climbed on to ladders, traffic bollards and parked scooters straining to spot the couple when they arrived to be married by the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, in a Parisian town hall.

Doesn’t the mayor of Paris have better thins to do then to marry a celebrity couple? These two just can’t get enough of this wedding.  Does anyone else feel like they have been planning to get married for like 5 years now?  I odn’t think story about Eva or Tony has come out without it being mentioned.  Even during the NBA playoffs ever time Parker touched the ball they had to split screen with Eva and show the ring. For the love of God enough already and get it over with!

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker married in Paris
Oh she didn’t wear white…she isn’t pure?

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker married in ParisEva Longoria and Tony Parker married in Paris

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