“Sex and the City” going to the big screen

July 4, 2007

The movie that was never going to happen has finally gotten the go ahead. The four not so friendly co-stars of “Sex and the City” have apparently patched things up for the sake of the fans — and the almighty dollar! The film that women have been praying for will actually happen.

TVGuide.com’s MICHAEL AUSIELLO is reporting that, according to reliable sources, New Line Cinema is close to sealing a deal to distribute the movie in association with HBO.

I just told my wife the news and we now have a standing date to go see this on opening night. I think she will end up camping out in the city the night of the premiere for a chance to see the four ladies together on the red carpet. It’s always nice to see a television show go to the big screen. How often do you see that happen these days? Well I have been informed that every show that is no longer on the small screen has either been made into a movie or is in production. Doesn’t anyone get an original idea for a movie anymore?

Sex and the City movie going to the big screen
Bigger Sex…Bigger City!

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