Celebridiot Movie Review – “Transformers”

July 3, 2007

We decided to check out the new Michael Bay adaptation of “Transformers”. The reviews were decent for this film and said basically the same thing – poor character development and a lot of action that might not play to everyone. Well after sitting through the nearly 2 and a half hour movie I can say that the reviews were pretty accurate. Being a fan of the original cartoon in the 80’s I went into the theater with an understanding of the Transformers, but my wife had never even seen a clip of the cartoon. I don’t think she had the same enjoyment from the film because of that fact. She appreciated the amazing special affects – and they were incredible – but she couldn’t tell the robots apart.

Also, Michael Bay has a habit in all of his movies to use excessive slow motion shots. He doesn’t forget how to work that into every Autobot or Decepticon encounter. Yes it was cool watching them change from car, plane, or tank into their alter ego, but the film does seem more like a big Chevy commercial at some points. Guys will love this film, young kids will be scared, and the ladies might find it to be a take it or leave it showing. Overall though it is a fun movie for this 4th of July holiday.

Transformers movie review
Optimus Prime doesn’t disappoint!

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