Jessica Simpson’s “Blonde Ambition” running scared

July 2, 2007

A failed marriage, a failed relationship, and all that is needed to round out the trifecta is a bad movie.  Well the way things are looking “Blonde Ambition” just might be that film!  For the second time the new Simpson flicked has been bumped due to fear it can’t live up to any other film being released.

“First, the release date was set for Aug. 3, and then it was delayed until the last week of August,” New York Daily News quoted a source, as saying.

“Papa Joe then intervened and said he wasn’t comfortable with the level of competition from other films that month,” the source

That joe Simpson sure does know how to take a thriving career and just drive it into the ground.  Her movie choices have been questionable at best. First she had “Dukes of Hazard”, followed by “Employee of the Month”, and now “Blonde Ambition” which is based off an “Working Girl”.  Jessica is a pretty girl, but she doesn’t have the talent to pull that role off.  Maybe her bikini line will do better than the film because she did look good sporting one in her Dukes video.  She can always try and get Nick back, but I don’t know if she can do what Vanessa can in a hot tub.

“Blonde Ambition” pushed back again
I just feel bad for Luke Wilson – what did he do to deserve Joe Simpson?

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