Celebridiot Movie Review – “Live Free or Die Hard”

June 30, 2007

The wife and I went to see the new Die Hard movie last night. We are both fans of the action movie and enjoy the Die Hard series, but from the previews and commercials we went into this thinking it was going to be just too over the top on special effects and not strong enough when it came to the story.  Well we were wrong about both. The story flowed for the full 2 hours plus of the film, the action scenes were incredible,  and the characters were able to stand on their own.  Audience members were clapping during the movie, cheering people on, and judging by the OOOHHHSSS and AHHHHSSS Bruce Willis hasn’t lost his touch.  This 4th of July holiday do yourself a favor and get some friends together to check out this movie!!

 “Live Free or Die Hard” Review

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