Moola Invitations from Celebridiot!

June 29, 2007

For those of you that don’t know what Moola is i shall give you a brief rundown.


Moola is the web’s first AdverTournamentTM; an ambitious entertainment project which took more than five years to develop and launch for the world to enjoy. Loosely described, Moola is something like a free super-jackpot game show, which allows anyone to become a millionaire on the internet, rather than watching others do so on TV. Similar to a TV game show, Moola is free and relies on sponsors to enable millions of people to vie for serious amounts of cash and prizes. The method used to facilitate competition is simple yet powerful: Sponsors give small amounts of money to millions of people, and then Moola allows those people to compete against one another so that individuals may win more or less, depending on how well they compete.


Just click the link to send yourself an invitation and play some games. Good luck! I currently only have 7 invitations remaining so it is first come first serve!

Moola Invitations

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