Spice Girls Are Back!

June 28, 2007

The fab 5 of female pop bands have reunited and announced some concert plans.  Baby, Posh, Sporty, Scary, and Ginger are all about to rock your world!

The British group, who have confirmed their reunion at a press conference on Thursday, will start their tour in Los Angeles on 7 December, before heading out to Las Vegas, New York, London, Cologne, Madrid, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Cape Town and Buenos Aires.

It’s amazing that they only released 3 albums and are can still generate this kind of buzz.  Obviously Posh has kept their name in the press over the years with her marriage to David Beckham and Scary has been  doing the baby thing with Eddir Murphy, but none of them has made any serious music in the US.  you have to wonder if Girl Power will have any fans left to attend their shows.  I am sure some radio station will give tickets away to anyone that actually still owns one of their CDs!

Spice Girls reunion announced
Hey Posh why do you look like”Futuristic Robot Spice” now?

   Spice Girls reunion announcedSpice Girls reunion announced

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