Eva Longoria and Tony Parker get paid

June 26, 2007

How much would you pay for a desperate housewife and a NBA champion point guard?  If you are OK! magazine and you want those two together on their wedding day you are gonna pay way too much money.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s French nuptials look set to net the happy couple a cool $2m (€1.48m) after they agreed to let celebrity magazine OK! Snap the wedding photos.

For $2 million bucks you should get the entire cast of Housewives and all the Spurs involved in an orgy or some serious drug use.  This is the most over photographed couple in the world that offers no drama or excitement.  I guess OK! magazine feels Tony Parker is worth the money.  I’ll sell my wedding photos for $50K if any gossip mag wants to publish those bad boys!

Eva and Tony net $2 million for wedding pictures
Careful that is a $2 million picture!

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