Larry King to interview Paris Hilton….for free!

June 24, 2007

The one million dollar price tag that Paris was looking for to grant an exclusive post prison interview didn’t exactly work out.  Instead the jailbird will do a one hour exclusive with the oldest man on cable – Larry King.

A CNN spokeswoman said King would interview Hilton in a one-hour special on Wednesday, just 24 hours after the hotel heiress and reality television star is released from prison in Los Angeles.

The network and a spokesman for Hilton said the 26-year-old would not receive payment for the interview.

News of the interview comes amid a series of conflicting reports about behind-the-scenes manoeuvrings to secure the Hilton scoop amongst the major US domestic broadcasters.

I love how that million dollars turned into nothing so quickly.  Think they realized that a 20 some odd days in jail for a suspended license isn’t the definition of must see television.  There have been some rumors that she will have a throw down with Sarah Silverman over her MTV Movie Award jokes, but most likely she will try to seduce Larry King before going to the clubs to drink her ass off!

 Larry king to interview Paris Hilton
Nothing like a dirty old man and Paris!

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