“Evan Almighty” floats above the box office

June 24, 2007

Steve Carell ruled the box office with his biblical family comedy this week.  The film took in less than half the opening box office of “Bruce Almighty”, but still was enough to easily take the #1 spot.  The spot should be short lived as the new Die hard film will open Wednesday.  Studios hope to see “Evan” have a long stay on screens and become a solid earner.  Rounding out the top there was “1408” and “Fantastic Four”.

 1. “Evan Almighty,” $32.1 million
2. “1408,” $20.175 million
3. “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” $20.15 million
4. “Ocean’s Thirteen,” $11.3 million
5. “Knocked Up,” $10.6 million
6. “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” $7.2 million
7. “Surf’s Up,” $6.7 million
8. “Shrek the Third,” $5.8 million
9. “Nancy Drew,” $4.5 million
10. “A Mighty Heart,” $4 million

 Evan Almighty tops the box office

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