Lindsay Lohan staying in rehab

June 20, 2007

Lindsay Lohan isn’t joking around with rehab this time around and has decided to extendher stay. Granted she has ben coming and going as she pleases, but as long as she is still hanging out at the rehab center I guess she feels it does some good.

 A close friend of Lohan said, “She is staying in Promises for longer than a month. We don’t know how much longer because of her work schedule, but she is taking rehab very seriously this time and not messing around.”

It is so nice to see these young troubled minors taking things so seriously.  I understand that being photographed out and about after clubbing around Hollywood is important for the career, but should you be doing that while IN REHAB?!  Lohan is taking rehab as seriously as Paris Hilton took her singing career.  It would be nice to see one of these pill popping, booze chugging, one night standing kids make a comeback. Go get ’em Lindsay!

Lindsay Lohan extends rehab stay
Good Luck Lindsay!  Get some rest!

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