Chef Ramsey sued over new show

June 20, 2007

Chef Gordon Ramsey has a ratings hit with his FOX reality show “Hells Kitchen”, but he has already stirred up some legal drama over his new show.  FOX has teamed up with Ramsey to create a remake of a UK show in which the famous chef goes to struggling establishments and tries to fix their problems.  One of the restaurants that was scheduled to be featured has sued and asked to be removed from the show.

Martin Hyde, the former general manager of Dillons, an Indian restaurant in Manhattan’s theatre district, is asking a judge to block airing of the show, saying exaggerations about the restaurant’s conditions will destroy its reputation and the good name of the people who worked there.

Well Martin I don’t think appearing a show that targets poorly operated establishments is a great way to encourage new customers.    On top of that suing the show and making worldwide news saying that you are unhappy because the show made you look bad will probably do more damage than the show would have.  We wish Dillons of Manhattan the best of luck in bringing in the theater crowd next week.

Gordon Ramey gets sued

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