Eddie Murphy takes DNA test

June 15, 2007

Mel B has gotten DNA from the man she believe is the father her baby girl.  the ongoing saga with Eddie Murphy has been in the news for nearly a year as the former Spice Girl has never wavered from her stance that the actor is her baby’s daddy.

A spokeswoman for Melanie Brown says Eddie Murphy has taken a DNA test to determine if he’s the father of Brown’s two-month-old daughter.

Dr. Dolittle might have another mouth to feed in a few weeks once these tests come back.  It’s still shocks me that these rich celebrities can’t afford a box of condoms so they don’t have to deal with these situations.  They sell them at gas stations and you can even get them delivered right to your house!  What they should have done is gone on Maury Povich and he could have flown them out to NY, filmed a nice segment, and given the results all in a 1 hour show!  On top of that you can see Mel run off the stage and go cry backstage or you can see her say “I told you he was the father!!”  Either way that makes for some good television.

Eddie Murphy gives DNA for Mel B baby
Eddie could be in for a Scary result!

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