K-Fed to be a dad again?

June 13, 2007

Rumors are swirling after a Star magazine report states that Kevin Federline has used his magic seed to impregnate is ex-babies mamma Shar Jackson.

KEVIN Federline may have morning sickness, which could last for nine months when he reads this – but this is to tell him his on-again-off-again-and-for-sure-lately very on-again romance with Shar Jackson seems to have produced yet another baby between them. She’s into her seventh week, and at the instant I write this he doesn’t know. Star magazine is saying she’s hoping this brings them back together as a family.

Kevinand Shar have both come forward denying the reports.  If Shar is knocked up  she will become the punchline to many more Britney Spears jokes.  Maybe Shar was really impressed by his debut rap CD and felt he had a promising career to support all his children.  Good luck you two kids!

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