Lohan busted for DUI

May 26, 2007

Party girl Lindsay Lohan has been cited for suspicion of DUI.  Considering the girl just got out of rehab and is having her 21st birthday party sponsored by a Vodka I think it is time to say she is not clean and sober. 

ACTRESS Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to appear in court for driving under the influence after losing control of her Mercedes convertible, the Beverly Hills Police Department said.
Lohan was involved in a single-car traffic accident at about 5:30 am, and was cited (ordered to appear in court) after being admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries, Sergeant Mike Foxen said.

Anytime you see a celebrity getting into trouble it always seems to happen when the rest of us are either at work or waking up to get ready for work.  Why is she out at 5:30 in the morning ?  I’ll tell you why she was up.  She was out clubbing because as we all know a day without underage admittance to a Hollywood hotspot is a day she doesn’t want to be alive!  Luckily no one was eriously hurt when Lohan decided that her car was able to leap over curbs.

Lindsay Lohan DUI arrest
Lohan leaving a club before the incident

Lindsay Lohan DUI problems

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