Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant?

May 24, 2007

In recent weeks Jessica Simpson’s breasts have been making as much news as her on again off again relationship with john Mayer.  It now seems there is speculation that her larger than life cleavage is the result of a possible pregnancy.

“Her friends are astounded at how huge Jessica’s breasts have gotten, and are asking each other if she could be pregnant,” a friend of the singer told the Enquirer.  Jessica’s breasts, for example, “seem to be expanding,” says another source.  “Her breasts are positively huge, and she really seems to be taking care of herself.  She’s not saying anything one way or the other when the subject comes up, but women who put on weight don’t smile when someone suggests they might be pregnant,” added the source.

Well I haven’t seen any baby bump yet, but that could be because I haven’t been able to see anything around her boobs.  If the rumors are true and Jessica is with child her ex-preacher father is either going to flip out and burst into flames or use the pregnancy to release a new line of birth control and baby baby items.  Maybe this is why John Mayer keeps running for the hills after Jessica shows off the goods?

Jessica Simpson out in LA
Where did those come from!?!?

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