Paris Hilton finds more of God, but less bras

May 22, 2007

Paris Hilton with the Bible and no braParis Hilton is preparing for prison by heading to a local book store nd picking up some light reading.  Paris was seen with the Holy Bible and “The Power of Now:A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment”.  I am shocked that Paris didn’t already own several copies of the Bible.  You would have thought she would have been able to get some for free from the night tables in one of the Hilton Hotels or something.  Of course she probably hollowed them out to hide naughty things while she was growing up.  Paris must be under a lot of stress because she failed to wear a bra while out shopping for the holy words that will help her get through 23 days in seclusion.  This pictures will just make her more popular with her fellow inmates.


Paris Hilton with the Bible and no bra Paris Hilton with the Bible and no bra

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