Abdul avoids dog and breaks nose

May 21, 2007

Paula Abdul will have a tall tale to tell tomorrow on American Idol.  The flighty judge, with rumored drug and alocohol issues, apparently tripped while trying to avoid her chihuahua and broke her nose.

 “She is fine. This will have no effect whatsoever on her appearance on American Idol tomorrow and Wednesday for the finale,”

How the hell do you break your nose and have it have no impact on your appearance?  I watched “The Brady Bunch” growing up and when Marsha took that football in the nose she was a mutilated wreck!  I think this is an attempt to have a built in excuse for Paula having no actual input in her critiques and for dancing for every lousy performance.  If she broke her nose she has a reason to be on some mind altering drugs!

Paula Abdul breaks nose

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