Shrek knocks down Spidey

May 20, 2007

The third installment of Shrek was too much for Spider-Man to overcome this week.   The green ogre took charge of the box office with a hefty $122 million haul.  That total is a record for an animated film opening smashing the record of the previous Shrek which took in $108 million.  Unlike Spider-Man 3, Shrek will have stiff competition in week 2 as the third Pirates movie will easily knock the Mike Myers film down a peg on the charts.

1. “Shrek the Third,” $122 million
2. “Spider-Man 3,” $28.5 million
3. “28 Weeks Later,” $5.15 million
4. “Disturbia,” $3.7 million
5. “Georgia Rule,” $3.5 million
6. “Fracture,” $2.4 million
7. “Delta Farce,” $1.8 million
8. “The Invisible,” $1.3 million
9. “Hot Fuzz,” $1.26 million
10. “Waitress,” $1.14 million

Shrek 3 top the box office

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