Britney Spears Lip Sync goes bad

May 20, 2007

The comeback of Britney Spears hit a rough patch in Orlando on Saturday night as her CD decided to skip a few times during her performance.  Now you might ask why a CD skippingis that bad – well when you are lip syncing to it for all your vocals it does get noticed.

One member of the audience said: ‘When the CD started skipping, she turned her back to the audience. Then, when it stopped, she turned around with this look on her face like she was going to be sick.’

Maybe Britney should have dance a silly dance and claimed acid reflux made her use the CD because she was unable to sing due to throat damage.  If Britney can’t sing I don’t know what will happen to all of the young women in the world that look up to her like she was Paris Hilton.  This is going to scar the children the same way Kevin Federline’s debut CD gave so many of us nightmares!

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