Paris Hilton may only serve 23 days

May 16, 2007

The distraught blonde that recently found God and said she regrets her past decision – which included public drug use last month – may only serve a fraction of her jail sentence.  It seems that if Paris can be a good girl she might get some days off.

Under a state requirement Hilton will be credited 22 days for time served for good behavior at the beginning of her 45 day sentence.

Hilton has until June 5th to begin serving her time. Her attorneys are appealing the hotel heiress sentence.

If Paris decides to start up a jail gang or shank someone on the shower she might get to serve the full sentence.  What they should so is make an example of Paris and make her serve twice her sentence for being a complete drain on society on contributing nothing to the world aside form a green porn DVD.

Paris Hilton breast job
They are gonna like her in prison ….. 10 smokes for an hour!

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