Bud Bundy busted for Bud

May 15, 2007

Actor David Faustino, best known for his Bud Bundy character on “Married With Children”, was arrested for possession of marijuana in Florida.

David Faustino arrested for possessionPolice allegedly spotted Faustino, 33, and his wife Andrea, 31, at an intersection late Friday night. Faustino reportedly tried to climb out the car window, then opened the door.

The actor then allegedly tried to walk away when police confronted the couple. The officer smelled alcohol on Faustino’s breath and found a plastic bag with a gram of marijuana in his pocket, police said.

Who would have thought that a child actor that hasn’t done anything with his career in nearly a decade would get arrested for drugs?  I never saw this one coming!!  I guess it is true that smoking will stunt your growth so all you kids out there don’t get hooked!  Hopefully Al and Peggy will find a way to bail him out with the help of Marcy Darcy!

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