Leo DiCaprio sued by neighbor

May 13, 2007

It looks like being a rich celeb can’t keep you from pissing off your neighborswhen you decide to build a basketball court.  Leonardo DiCaprio will have to face some charges after, they claim, he destroyed some of their garden hen he was installing some new hoops.

DiCaprio is being sued for “maliciously” crossing onto a neighbouring couple’s property while renovating his Leonardo DiCaprio suedHollywood Hills home — cutting and removing hedges, excavating earth and bedrock which the couple claims destabilised their swimming pool and patio decking, according to the lawsuit.

Ronald and Joan Linclau filed the documents in Los Angeles Superior Court suing for a sum of at least $300,000 for trespass and removal of the support for their land — and for being a nuisance.

Leo is a big supporter of saving th eplanet and stopping global warming so why would he be ripping out nice greenery to put in some concrete slab and metal hoops?  You also have to wonder what kind of fumes those constructions trucks had to release while performing this work.  As far as I know their is no Prius with cement mixer add-on available yet.  Maybe Paris Hilton can fix the garden as part of a prison work duty.

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