Michael Douglas to reprise Gordon Gekko

May 7, 2007

The man that made the excessive greed of the 80’s cooler than cool is going to be back on the big screen showing how greed is even more fun today.  Michael Douglas will reprise his role of Gordon Gekko from “Wall Street”.

 TWENTY years after playing ruthless corporate raider Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, Michael Douglas is to star in a sequel to the tale of yuppie greed and excess, this time set in the hedge fund era.
Edward Pressman, who produced the original movie, reached an agreement with the 20th Century Fox studio last week to develop the movie, which is to be entitled Money Never Sleeps, the New York Times reported.

Whether you are a finance person or not Gordon Gekko defined what was both wrong about the 80’s market and how to enjoy the rewards of knowing how to work your way around it. This role is one of Douglas’ most recognizable and powerful so it will be interesting to see if 20 years will mellow out the once cut throat money manager.  Unfortunately Oliver Stone will not direct and Charlie Sheen’s character will not make an appearance.

 Michael Douglas to bring back Gekko

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