Kim Kardashian Sex tape payday

April 30, 2007

Kim Kardashian is seeing some money for her effort in making a explicit tape with her ex-boyfriend.  The daughter of the late Robert Kardashian of OJ Simpson fame had tried to stop he release of the sex tape without much luck, but today she did receive some compensation.

 KIM Kardashian has won a $US 5 million legal battle to block the release of a sex tape she made with a former boyfriend. has learned Kardashian – who in February sued adult video distributor Vivid Entertainment for releasing a homemade video of her having sex with ex-boyfriend, singer Ray J, without her consent – will be paid by Vivid a settlement totaling close to $US 5 million.

I haven’t seen the video yet, but I can promise you no matter what happened in it there is no way it was worth $5 Million!  I mean Demi Moore only got $1 million from Robert Redford – of course that was before the implants so assume $1.5 with the inflation.  How come Ra-J isn’t complaining to much?  Shouldn’t he at least get a few bucks  and a couple of copied of the DVD for stocking stuffers?  If Kim is ever in need a few bucks she can always make a new video.

 Kim Kardashian get $5 million for sex tape settlement
Would you pay $5 million for this?

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