Hugh Grant Arrested

April 26, 2007

Not the best news day when it comes to celebrities and staying out of legal problems.  Hugh Grant had a run in with some paparazzi and it landed him in jail for some assault charges.

The photographer said he asked the star of Four Weddings and a Funeral to smile when he arrived at the house.

Mr Whittaker told the Daily Star that the normally urbane actor snapped, swearing at him and kicking him “three or four times” before kneeing him in the groin. The newspaper printed photos which appeared to show Grant with a plastic tub of food raised over his head

To Hugh’s credit this is a better arrest than picking up a two bit prostitute in Hollywood while dating one of the hottest women in the world.  Why baked beans though?  If you have food to eat why would you waste it like that? With beans the real punishment is to eat them and come back a few hours later and deliver some silent but deadly gifts.  Well maybe Divine Brown will show up to give a character reference to Hugh – that couldn’t hurt.

Hugh Grant Arrested
Remember when he was just horny?

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