Rosie leaves “The View”

April 25, 2007

Donald Trump will be claiming victory against his arch rival now that Rosie has announced she is leaving “The View” after only a year.  O’Donnell claims that a contract agreement could not be reached and she has no other option but to leave the show.

O’Donnell made more than $3 million for her season on “The View.” ABC was willing to spend more to keep her, but wanted a three-year deal so it didn’t have to worry about O’Donnell as a potential competitor. She could easily command her own talk show for much more money: She was making some $30 million a year before “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” shut down in 2002.

“It just didn’t work,” she said on the show Wednesday, “and that’s show biz. But it’s not sad because I loved it here and I love you guys and I’m not going away.”

You know they will say their emotional goodbyes and show some love to Rosie, but you know they will be jumping for joy on the inside.  I think the constant bickering with Trump and some of Rosie’s antics might have helped earnings, but really made for an uncomfortable group on stage.  Rosie can now go back to doing the nasty on Nip/Tuck and the world can hide their eyes.  I still have nightmares form that episode!

 Rosie leaves “The View”
Wonder if Donald will cry?

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