American Idol – Elvis sings and no one goes home

April 25, 2007

Well on the night when American idol became a charity show they decided to make everyone happy by not voting anyone off the show this week.  That’s right people you get to hear Chris “Justin Timberfake” Richardson who should have been shown the door this evening.  The amazing surprise that has been hyped for weeks and leaked just as quickly was Celine Dion seeing a duet with Elvis Presley.  The quality was better than the Natalie and Nat Cole video, but it still looked like a bad CGI creation.  Maybe they should have gone out and reunited the “We Are The World” crew to redo the original – that would have been impressive.

Next week Idol will lose two in order to make up for tonight’s charity.  All votes will carry over so people might get a chance to save themselves.

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