Shanna Moakler reveals Lindsay and Paris Info

April 23, 2007

Shanna Moakler has made it known that she does not have much love for some of the young Hollywood party girls and she has dropped some info on Paris and Lindsay. According to Shanna the below info is the contact for the two ladies.

and since there are 2 little girls with to much time on their hands and no one to love them….id like to share my “hacked” info as well. ive tried to disassociate myself from both these parties for some time now and like a fungus they wont go away.
Paris Hilton:
310-801-0148 ( cause we like to pretend we are people we will never be talented enough to be)

Lindsey Lohan:

Feel free to drop them a line and see if you get any love in return.  Make sure you have protection because who knows what kind of viruses their phones might have crawling through them.  Shanna really can hold a grudge can’t she?  For an ex-playmate you would think she would handle herself a bit more professionally — lol!

 Shanna Moakler gives out some digits
No love loss between these two

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