Jennifer Lopez will sing at your birthday

April 23, 2007

How bad have things gotten or the career of Jennifer Lopez?  Since her marriage to Marc Anthony she isn’t exactly tearing up the charts or the box office with her performances.  Now word has come out that Jenny from the block will be doing a birthday party.

…a 35 year old Russian Billionaire-banker, has personally invited super-star, Jennifer Lopez to entertain at his wife’s 30th birthday party. The catch is is that it will cost him $2 million dollars for the privilege. Melnichenko called the star in person to ask her if she would be interested in performing for some 60 friends and relatives at an exclusive birthday party in the UK for his model wife, Aleksandra. The billionaire will fork over $1.2 million to Lopez and another $800,000 for Lopez and her entourage’s expenses. Miss Lopez will perform for approximately 40 minutes. Spokesman for the family states that it is a strictly private party.

Granted a $2 million dollar pay day is a nice thing, but Lopez used to be one of the biggest stars in the world and the fact that she is doing something that a has been usually does is sad.  Maybe the rumors of her marriage having issues because of her failing career might be true and she wants to get some padding in her bank account.  If I catch her on a good day maybe I can get her to play at my wedding for a few bucks and a prime rib.

 Jennifer Lopez is the new Wedding Singer
Meet The Wedding Singer!

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