Britney Spears fires her manager

April 18, 2007

Fresh out of rehab and trying to revitalize her dying career Britney Spears has decided to part ways with her manager.  Spears has been running around town buying up everything and comments hav been made about a tension between Spears and Larry Rudolph.

Apparently Larry Rudolph played a large part in getting Britney Spears into rehab and Britney is also putting blame on him for a number of other problems. Rumours are saying that Britney Spears blamed Rudolph for all her recent embarrassing and very public incidents.

That’s the way to do it Britney just keep getting rid of the stable people around you and buy some more wigs.  Doesn’t this girl have any family out there that gives a damn about her?  Why can’t she just go home to Louisiana for a couple of months and hang with her mom to relax.  Everyday this girl does something bizarre and you can see her just going down another long slippery slope with no way to stop.

Britney Spears fires her manager
At least her wigs look better

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