Dave Chapelle perorms 6 hours straight

April 17, 2007

Dave Chapelle, the man that walked away from $50 million, performed the comic equivalent of of running 100 miles without stopping.  Chapelle gave the crowd a treat on Sunday when his stand-up set lasted longer than any other comic ever.

shattered the Laugh Factory’s endurance record by taking to the stage for six hours and seven minutes on Sunday.

“He was absolutely amazing, for six hours making people laugh,” the club’s owner, Jamie Masada, said Tuesday.

Masada said the previous record of three hours and 50 minutes was accomplished earlier this month by Dane Cook. But until then the mark had stood at two hours and 41 minutes since Richard Pryor set it in 1980.

I have done some stand-up and 5 minutes on stage in NY is intimidating enough and I can’t imagine having enough quality material and stamina to last over 6 hours on stage.  I have seen old Richard Pryor shows were he went on for over an hour and Bill Cosby specials that went two, but six hours of quality is amazing!  If he would have done that for Comedy Central it would have been two seasons worth of shows and he could have pocketed made money!!!!

 Dave Chapelle six hours of stand-up
The Stand-Up Stamina Man

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