Richard Gere insults India!

April 16, 2007

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there who wanted to pull an Adrian Brody at the Oscars with Halle Berry when they get the chance.  Richard Gere decided to give a few playful kisses to Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty and pissed off all of India.

But reports say the actor has also caused a controversy in India. Gere planted several kisses on the cheek of Indian actress Shilpa Shetty at the event.

Monday, groups of men burned an effigy of Gere and kicked the smoking remains in the city of Kanpur. Similar scenes took place in at least three other cities. The protesters said Gere’s kissing of Shetty was against Indian culture.

Remember when Richard would just stir up some rumors about a gerbil that never really hurt anyone….well other than the gerbil.  Gere was in India for a good cause regarding AIDS awareness and he goes and gets all touchy feely on stage?   Richard might be some sort of middle aged sex symbol in the states, but in other countries he is just a dirty old man.

 Richard Gere kisses Shilpa Shetty
Dirty old man attcks Shilpa Shetty.  Relax that’s just
Richard Gere being a pervert.

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